The Best Texts To Send Women?

One blogger believes he has just written the 10 commandments of texting. Posted on his site, Dating Advice For Men Who Love Women, dating coach Rob Judge’s “10 Best Texts To Send Hot Girls … of ALL TIME” has been “liked” by 377 people and counting. Some of his highly recommended texts include:

10. The Romantic Commando: “Haha its stormy.. wish you were here to cuddle under a blanket, drink wine and watch a Rambo movie.”

7. The Aristocrat: “In the penthouse, sipping aged Scotch, thinking of you.”

2. The Baby Maker: “What are you feelings on having a lovechild?”

If you cannot tell, I’m less than excited or entertained. I already receive the same copy/paste online dating messages from dozens of guys (any of you ladies familiar with “I married you and divorced you in my mind already. You can keep the house in Hawaii, I’ll take the dog?”), and now I have to worry that even texts are scummy unoriginal banter cribbed from some online blogger? Sheesh! Have men really become so lazy and uncreative!? Wait, don’t answer that. []