Sex Ed Tries To Reach More Dudes Through Humor

Most think of us see unplanned pregnancy rates as a serious thing, but others think it’s a laughing matter. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has ab unorthodox approach to teaching guys sex education: humor. While women ages 18 to 29 receive a lot of messages regarding safer sex practices, the organization believes men in the same group remain widely ignored. Their solution? Create PSAs that appeal to men by making them laugh.

In one of their recent PSAs (posted above) from, the spokesman loses it after hearing that one in five men believe they can prevent unwanted pregnancy by having sex while standing up. He tries to calculate just how many idiots there must be in the room who must really think that’s true. This isn’t the agency’s only attempt to educate using humor: they’ve also done videos with talking rubbers and about how to put on a condom. Check out the videos and tell us if you think they will get guys interested in finding out more information about sex! [Psychology TodayYouTube]

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