Reminisce About Your Most Madonna Moments

Love her or hate her, it’s nearly impossible not to have an opinion about Madonna. Even though she’s an international icon, I think most women would attest to having had an intimate moment with the Material Girl. The first time I laid eyes on Madge was in her “Lucky Star” video on MTV. I was a six-year-old aspiring performer, so naturally, the first thing I did after seeing it was run to the bathroom and attempt to style my hair like hers, with too much hairspray and a floppy, black bow. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only little girl to do so. Most of us remember being influenced in some way by Madonna’s music, attitude or edgy style. But deeper than her multitude of memorable pop culture moments are the ways in which she has influenced us as women. In the new anthology Madonna & Me, nearly 40 female authors write about how their own Madonna moments changed their lives. This book is sure to be a compelling exploration on topics every woman can relate to from sex to spandex.

My true Madonna moment happened years later, when I was in my 20’s. I was going through a major breakup, and Madonna was deep into her “Ray of Light” incarnation. One night, I had a very realistic dream where I was dragging heavy pieces of luggage down down a deserted highway. It was Madonna who appeared to help me carry the load. She strapped a suitcase on her back and advised me to continue on my journey without my baggage. It was truly sage advice. It may not have been from Madonna herself, in the realistic sense of the word, but it was from the archetype of her: The Woman Who Has It All. It may sound cheesy, but I awoke with my heart a little less heavy, knowing how to proceed with my life. [$11.99, Amazon]