Lipstick 101: How To Find The Perfect Bold Lipstick

Figuring out how to wear a bold lip can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to wearing lipstick. (Or if you’re basically used to ignoring the fact that you have lips on your face altogether.) The wrong shade can wash you out, or make you look lizard-y. And when you’re wearing a bright, bold lip color you just can’t help but feel so out there in the open.

So that’s why we teamed up with esteemed makeup artist Susana to get a quick lesson on Lipstick 101. What we learned: you don’t have to fear a bold lip. Bright lipsticks can be fun, dramatic and totally sexy!

First off, most people either have yellowish undertones to their skin or pink undertones to their skin. You can finger this out by looking at the underside of your wrist or the skin on your chest. Some of us — like me and Sophie — are in the middle, or what you’d call neutral. If you have yellow undertones, pick shades that are blue in tone. If you are pinkish, go for orangey shades. But you know what? If you like it, wear it. Eh.

In this slideshow, we get over our fear of bright lip shades! And if we can do it, so can you!