10 Grown-Up Things Every Woman Needs For Her Home

Earlier this week we discussed the 10 things every woman needs to throw away. Now that you’ve cut down on some clutter and finally parted ways with your high school boyfriend’s Sugar Ray t-shirt, it’s time to talk about the things that every adult woman should have in her home. We won’t cover the absolute necessities like smoke detectors (duh); more like the items you need to transform the vibe of your place from “college dorm room” to “stylish young adult.” Read on for our top picks…

1. Frames for your posters. That ripped Bob Marley poster is tacky when it’s just haphazardly tacked to the wall, but when you put it in a frame, it’s art!

2. Everything you need for a real dinner party. Specifically: cloth napkins, wine glasses, tablecloth, plates, and bowls (and not just two of each).

3. A living plant. Nothing says “I have my life together” like a living, breathing, flowering organism that is only alive because of your commitment and diligence.

4. Comfortable sheets. Preferably a full matching set, in a gorgeous color or pattern.

5. A tool kit. Trust me, at some point, you will be so, so glad to have a hammer and a screwdriver.

6. A decent soundsystem. Music can instantly change the atmosphere of a room. Static, echoes, and crappy sound quality are total buzzkills. Good speakers are totally worth the investment.

7. The ingredients and utensils to make your favorite cocktail. Because on those days when life gives you lemons, it’s nice to be able to make lemon drops.

8. A piece of art you really love. Doesn’t need to be expensive–it can be from a flea market or a friend in art school, but every home should include a photo, painting, drawing, or sculpture (or, fine, a Bob Marley poster) that resonates with you emotionally or creatively.

9. Curtains. Blinds may be better than a Batman sheet hung over your window, but nothing can make a room feel as finished and put-together as a nice set of curtains.

10. A flattering mirror and good lighting. This is so important. How are you going to leave home every day feeling gorgeous, confident, and ready to take on the world when your mirror and lighting situation is comparable to a dressing room at an outlet mall? Time for an upgrade.

Alright Frisky readers, your turn! What would you add to the list?