Woman Arrested After Fighting With Flight Attendant Over Painting Nails During Flight

Southwest Airlines passenger Jeanie Daniels is butthurt because she was jailed for 10 hours after arguing with a flight attendant about painting her nails onboard. While flying from California to Texas, Daniels whipped out her nail polish and began giving herself a manicure until a flight attendant came by to tell her other passengers were complaining of the smell. Daniels stopped her manicure, but 20 minutes later she went into the airplane’s bathroom to finish the job. The angry flight attendant confronted her as soon as Daniels opened the bathroom door, which prompted a heated argument.

“She was getting so loud, while I was sitting in my seat, and I was just like, ‘Will you stop!'” Daniels told TV station KTRK. “And I was loud when I said, ‘Stop bitching at me,’ because she wouldn’t end the conversation.” But Southwest Airlines had the last laugh: when the plane landed, Daniels was arrested for “abusive profane language” and thrown into jail for 10 hours. (A judge later dismissed the charge.)

Now, you might think this story is absurd. But I, for one, have no problem with the rude and inconsiderate being made an example of. Here’s why: about two weeks ago, I was riding the subway next to a woman who sat down next to me and started painting her nails. DURING RUSH HOUR. Not only did the nail polish smell terrible in such a tiny confined space (which tends to smell rank anyway), but I was freaked out that the train would turn, or someone would bump into her, and she was going to spill the polish all over my clothes. I gave this woman the “you are unbelievably rude and inconsiderate” death stare the duration of our ride together, which she ignored. She wasn’t doing anything illegal, though, so the rest of us had to sit there and suffer in silence.

So my proverbial hat goes off to this Southwest Airlines flight attendant for sounding off on Jeanie Daniels!

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