Hot Links: Is Sandra Bullock Adopting Again?

  • Oooh, is Sandra Bullock in the process of adopting a little sister for her adorable son Louis? Ugh, I just remembered Louis seriously gives Abel Arnett a run for his money in the ZOMG SO CUTE I COULD EAT HIM department. [YourTango]
  • Monday is the season finale of “The Bachelor.” We basically know what’s going to happen, so spice things up by playing Bachelor Bengo. [Tres Sugar]
  • This week, a 66-year-old woman in Switzerland gave birth to twin boys conceived via IVF. Which means I have 33.5 more years of hope! Stories like this balance out my resentment of the Snookis of the world. [The Stir]

  • Getting pumped for musical festival season to begin? Here are 50 things you must do if you’re headed to Coachella, Bonnaroo, and everything in between. [College Candy]
  • The most insincere apologies of all time. [Cracked]
  • I couldn’t bring myself to click this link because the headline was so awful, but, well, here you go: “Angry Father Bites Off 6-Year-Old Son’s Penis.” [Huffington Post]
  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Louis Vuitton does not have a sense of humor and is threatening to sue a law school for parodying their iconic logo pattern. I would think a law school would have already figured out some way of covering its ass on this one… []
  • A contestant on “Fashion Star” had the nerve to insult Jessica Simpson to her face. Yikes. [Styleite]