Abercrombie & Fitch Force Workers To Work Out As Punishment

As if clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch wasn’t already the worst, staffers at the store’s Milan outpost say they were forced to work out every time their supervisors caught them making a mistake. Men were given pushups, and women were given squat thrusts, presumably so they could get ever-closer to the perfect Abercrombie model body.

What else does it take to have the perfect Abercrombie look? “To ensure they have the right look, female staff are told to scrub their makeup off if they wear too much and men are ordered home to shave if they have stubble,” said union officer Graziella Carneri.

And, because the American-owned company seems to run all aspects of its business like a frat, it was recently reported that factory workers in its southern Italian factories were punished for bad behavior by having to stand up and say “I am a shit” in front of their coworkers. Very mature, guys. [Guardian UK]