Must Watch: “Kony 2012″ And The Plight Of Uganda’s Child Soldiers

Joseph Kony is the leader of the Ugandan guerilla group the Lord’s Resistance Army. Kony has been waging war in Uganda for nearly 30 years — fighting a violent and brutal campaign to establish a theocratic government in Uganda. The worst part? He regularly abducts and recruits children into his army, often forcing boys to kill and maim their own families and forcing girls into sexual servitude. Since its inception in 1988, it’s estimated that more than 66,000 children have been forcibly abducted and required to fight for the LRA and more than 2 million people have been internally displaced in the conflict. 

Kony remains at the top of the U.N.’s International Criminal Court’s most wanted list — but has thus far escaped capture. That’s in part due to Uganda’s treacherous jungle environ, as well as a lack of international support for the cause. But the folks at NGO Invisible Children are hoping to change that. They’ve made this moving and informative video about Kony and the plight of the LRA’s child soldiers in order to shed light and attention on the cause, and to put pressure on American lawmakers and public figures to do something to help bring Kony to justice. Because the more people who know who he is, the harder it’ll be for him to slink into the background. Please watch and share. [Invisible Children]