Hot Links: Kirk Cameron Thinks Calling His Anti-Gay Rhetoric “Hate Speech” Is, Um, Hateful

  • Kirk Cameron has responded to critics of his anti-homosexuality stance, saying it’s not “hate speech” and he “loves” all people, including gays. He just thinks gays are, you know, destroying society and stuff. [Your Tango]
  • Apparently there’s a Hulk Hogan sex tape? Blech. But! Here are 11 things that actually sound worse than that. [College Candy]
  • Everything you — and I, as I was not paying attention — need to know about today’s big Apple announcement. Lemme guess — another insanely expensive gadget that will be replaced with a newer model in a year that I will still buy because I am a stupid consumer? [Ask Men]
  • A new dating website allows dumpers to tell dumpees why they got, uh, dumped. File under: things I would never subject myself to! [The Stir]
  • Here are the six sleaziest ways animals are mimicking human sexuality, those bastards. [Cracked]
  • Check out official cast portraits from the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars.” [theBERRY]
  • Stop the presses! Kate Middleton went thrift-shopping. What did the Queen have to say about that? [Styleite]
  • I’m relieved Tim Tebow has said he won’t be the next “Bachelor,” but I wouldn’t mind seeing a famous hottie — say, Jake Gyllenhaal — handing out roses on the show. [Tres Sugar]