Why You Should Paint Your Door Red

I walked by an old brownstone the other night and stopped to admire its red door. I looked up and saw that the third floor window was decorated with children’s stickers. They spelled out “I Love You.” I was thoroughly charmed by the place, and turned to my friend and said, “Life would be good if I lived here.” Turns out my instincts were correct. According to a new study, people who live behind red doors lead the happiest lives. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, the ones with red doors were found to be most extroverted with the most laid back approach to life. Other door colors found to be conducive to contentedness were white, green and brown. Those with black doors were found to be the most successful, while those who valued love over career were more likely to have an orange door. Who knew door color was so important? I’d better go out and get some red paint right away as my door color, puke mustard, doesn’t appear to be on the list.[Newslite]