Today’s Lady News: Rush Limbaugh Rails Against “Overeducated, Young, Single White Women”

  • Now that he’s wagged his finger at brazen hussies, Rush Limbaugh is fulminating about “overeducated white women.” Yes, today Rush railed against the author Tracie McMillan, who wrote a new book on food inequality called The American Way Of Eating: Undercover At Wal-mart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields, And The Dinner Table. Apparently he is offended that this 1999 NYU grad wrote a book about food inequality when she studied political science in school, or something? I’m not even sure. Anyway, this is what he said today: “What is it with all these young, single white women? Overeducated doesn’t mean intelligent.” But at least he didn’t call her a slut, right? [Media Matters]
  • Speaking of Rush, as of this afternoon, a total of 32 advertisers have dropped from Rush’s radio show, including AOL, Sears, Allstate Insurance, Geico, and John Deere. Check the link for the full list.  [Think Progress]
  • Eight current and former women in the U.S. military allege they were raped, assaulted or harassed while serving their country and retaliated against when they reported the abuse. [AP]
  • Dear Mark Zuckerberg: please let the SCAR Project, which puts a face to breast cancer survivors, stay on Facebook. [The Daily Muse]
  • Has abortion clinic violence deterred doctors from performing abortions? [Washington Post
  • A nursing mother was stopped by TSA agents because she was carrying her breast pump and was forced to pump milk in the women’s bathroom because she was not allowed to fly with empty bottles. [HLNTV
  • Actress Regina King is reportedly playing NY Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm in an upcoming film about the first black person to run for president. [Madame Noire]
  • Afghanistan appears to be scaling back its support of women’s rights to appease the Taliban. For example, President Karzai has agreed with Muslim clerics that men and women should not mix at school or work. [Wall Street Journal, BBC]
  • More on the European Union’s quota plans to get more women in the boardroom. [Guardian UK]
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