How To Stop A Text-Lationship In Its Tracks

In one of my recent online dating episodes, a super cute, educated, funny guy and I began exchanging messages. Every message he sent me either made me smile or laugh uncontrollably. By the sixth message exchange he had sent me his number. One night, I excitedly called him. The phone rang but no answer. I decided against leaving a voicemail. About a minute after, I received a text message saying, “Hey, what’s up?” I threw up a little in my mouth.

If the reason for his text in response to my call had to do with him being busy, deaf or in a nursery surrounded by sleeping babies, it would be acceptable. But he was at home and to top it off, he was online. I know he wasn’t frickin’ busy!  I am growing ridiculously tired of the text-only phase that today’s dating world is stuck in. What happened to the good ol’ days where a guy saw your missed call on this caller ID and thought, “Hey, I should call her back”!?

Well, according to one relationship coach, those days may be gone for good if women don’t take a stand against text-lationships. Coach April Beyer told the Evansville Courier & Press that women are the “leaders in relationships” and need to tell men when we think nonstop texting is unacceptable. “Every time a man sends you a message, write back and say, ‘I would love to hear your voice. I’m not much of a texter,'” she advises.

Duly noted. I’ve regained my composure and will send Mr. Online Cutie a text message stating he should call instead of texting so I can hear his sexy voice. []  

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