Sneak Peek: “Bachelor” Rejects Confront Courtney & Ben

Courtney Pulls A Carrie
Courtney Robertson's wedding vows sounded awfully familiar. Watch »
Courtney's Commercial
"Bachelor" contestant Courtney in a Caesars Palace commercial. Watch »
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Hooray! Tonight is my favorite episode of every “Bachelor” season — “The Women Tell All” aka “The Women Confront Each Other Over The Ways They Feel They Were Insulted”! I am mostly excited to see how Courtney handles what is sure to be an onslaught of hate from her fellow bachelorettes — after all, she basically trash talked them all season. The most interesting thing to me about this preview, however, is when rejected bachelorette Jamie tells Ben she’s still interested in him and that he should get in touch if things don’t work out with his eventual pick; Ben’s energy and body language suggest that things have already gone south with his “fiancee.” Hmm… 

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