Shopping Guide: Punchy Silk Scarves

My amassment of scarves is one of the most important components in my wardrobe. A good scarf changes any outfit, but it serves especially well if you’re prone to head-to-toe monochrome … and I am. If you were to sift through my closet, you’d find black, gray, more black, white, dark gray, heather gray, maybe some navy blue here and there… and a veritable kaleidoscope of colorful scarves. They’re mainly silk, which is a good indicator as to the time of year they favor: winter calls for thick, dark knits, but come March I’m busting out the flashy accessories left and right. If you don’t own a springtime scarf, now would be the time to invest in a really, really amazing one, because you’ll be wearing it for the next couple of months, right up until things start to get steamy. Here are my picks for silky scarves in punchy hues — I promise they will give any and all of your outfits an instant, seasonally appropriate facelift.