Amber Tamblyn Punks Tyrese After Amber Rose Email Mixup

How do I explain how awesome Amber Tamblyn is? I can’t even do it justice. You pretty much have to read this whole thing and listen to all the music. But I’ll try. So here goes: 

Amber Tamblyn (from “Sister of the Traveling Pants” [Also, she was the original Emily Quartermaine on “General Hospital”! — Editor]) and Tyrese (from lots of shirtless posters and movies) were both CCed on an email from a mutual friend. Amber’s email happens to be registered as Amber Rose, because her full name is Amber Rose Tamblyn. Understandably, this confused Tyrese. So he sent out an email to Amber Tamblyn thinking she was Amber Rose (from all the nasty breakup songs on Kanye West’s last solo album) trying — I think? — to flirt with her vis-a-vis being interested in her budding music career.

Hilarity ensued. 

Tyrese emailed Amber and asked her to call him, which she blew off. Then he called her album “whatever” and she replied with what she calls “a single demo” she’s been working on. But really it is something that Amber Tamblyn recorded two seconds before on her iPhone and its terrrrible.

They went back and forth like this a few times, with Amber Tamblyn sending him really crappy, horrible songs, about tasering dudes on the dance floor and contraception. Tyrese listened to the songs and politely wrote back to her. 

Finally Tyrese told her that her songs are “trash” and that he didn’t even believe it was her.  So she finally signed her email “Amber Rose Tamblyn” and Tyrese still went back and forth with her, not realizing that he wasn’t corresponding with Amber-Rose-The-Ex-Of-Kanye. And then on Friday this whole email exchange, songs included, went up on the Internet.

Supposedly Tyrese is pissed she posted it online, presumably because he feels like a fool. The editor of Street Boners And TV Carnage has a good point: “Tyrese should be happy about all this because A- It’s funny and B- he comes across as an honest guy who doesn’t like shitty music.” This is true!

As for Amber, she’s supposedly been contacted by Shia LaBeouf (random!) about animating her songs and Questlove wants her to perform them on Jimmy Fallon.

There’s probably only one way to solve this: the hoagie of forgiveness

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