Today’s Lady News: Statewide Breastfeeding “Nurse-In” Happening In Georgia On Monday

  • Last summer, Nirvana Jennette’s pastor compared her breastfeeding her baby in a Georiga church to stripping. Now she and other breastfeeding advocates have organized a nurse-in on Monday at five sites around the state demanding Georgia toughen its breastfeeding laws. [TIME]  
  • A criminal complains has been filed this week against a suburban New York woman named Annie George who kept an immigrant Indian woman as a slave in her home, forcing her to work 17-hour days seven days a week and sleep in a walk-in closet. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center was tipped off to the immigrant woman’s working conditions. [Raw Story]
  • Maryland’s governor signed a bill yesterday legalizing gay marriage, which takes effect in 2013. [Wall Street Journal
  • On the potshot against “Tiny Furniture” filmmaker Lena Dunham, in which a TV critic implied she wouldn’t be as successful if she lost weight. [Slate
  • How great access to contraception would benefit the economy. [Think Progress]
  • Meet Olivia Neubauer of Chicago, a 99-year-old teacher who is still working as a educator after 77 years in the biz. [GOOD]
  • Three women in Cameroon, in Africa, have been arrested for “suspected” homosexuality. [Gender Across Borders]
  • So much respect for Nicole Graham of Australia, who stayed with her mud-trapped horse during a rising tide until the animal could be rescued. [GOOD]
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