Men Find Delightful New Way To Objectify Women — Via Pinterest

Most everyone thinks life-sharing web platform Pinterest is primarily a tool for the ladies. But not so! Men, too, are jumping on the Pinterest wagon. But they’ve found innovative ways of using the visually-oriented tool … to objectify women. That’s right, dude-focused Pinterest categories are cropping up from male users who’ve found that the site is a great way to catalog all the women they’d like to bang.

Take Joe’l Marshall, whose Pinterest boards include “Hotties.” And then there’s Erik O’Brien, who hollers at girls via his “Heyyy Girl ;)” tag. Or my personal favorite, Kevin Tarantino, whoh as classified all of his favorite hot ladies under the tag “Yes I Would.”

And for dudes who find Pinterest to be all-together too many cupcakes, ribbons and wedding dresses for their taste, there’s always Manteresting, which is basically Pinterest with a gray background.

So in the name of equality, we’ve created our own board of Hot Guys. Just to keep things equal, of course.