When Your Favorite Obscure Television Show Comes To DVD: The “Rags To Riches” Edition

I have just heard the news that my very favorite obscure ’80s television show, “Rags to Riches,” is going to be released on DVD in June. This is like a major event in my world. The two seasons that it ran on NBC (from 1986-1987) were some of the happiest TV moments of my childhood. (Embarrassing confession: I recorded every episode on VHS and learned them by heart. More embarrassing confession: I still have those tapes.) I imagined that, if the show continued on for a few seasons, the older orphans would grow up, move out and need to be replaced with younger orphans. And that, being the double threat (actress/singer) that I was, I would land a part on that show.

For those of you who weren’t as obsessed with the show as I was, it was about a rich, widowed business man, Mr. Foley, who adopts five daughters (of various ages and ethnicities) to come live with him in his mansion. And surprise! They can all sing. Which works out really well because it just so happens to be a musical television show. Set in the 1960’s. And they took popular ’60s songs and changed the lyrics according to the theme of the episode. Like, in the episode where they go to Las Vegas to get Elvis Presley’s guitar, they sing a version of “Hi-Heel Sneakers” (originally by Tommy Tucker, Elvis also recorded a version). Okay, I am done humiliating myself. But seriously, I need that DVD. [TV Shows On DVD]