Hot Links: Urban Outfitters Accused Of Selling Racist Crap For The Millionth Time

  • Some Irish folks are pissed off at Urban Outfitters, calling their St. Patrick’s Day garb — which paints the Irish as drunks — “racist.” [Styleite]
  • Here’s something we could probably all use a refresher on: the 10 commandments of casual sex. [College Candy]
  • I am equal parts excited and dismayed that there is a social network strictly for Juggalos called Juggalobook. [Huffington Post]

  • Here’s a sign that your biological clock is ticking: you see a list entitled “11 Signs Your Biological Clock Is Ticking” and can list all of them without looking. Sigh. [YourTango]
  • Is Kristin Stewart wearing shoe-pants? And if so, should they be called “shants”? []
  • Got a friend that’s going through a breakup? Here’s some great advice on how to help and support them. [Tres Sugar]
  • Oooh Lauren Conrad’s spring look book for her Kohl’s line looks awesome. [theBERRY]
  • In an on-again/off-again cyclical relationship? New evidence proves what we kind of already knew — this shizz isn’t going to work out. [Ask Men]