Fist Fight Breaks Out On Colin Firth’s Flight, He Doesn’t Gosling That Nonsense

It’s no secret we like our hunky actors just macho enough that they’ll jump in to break up a street fight. But when a “violent brawl” broke out on Colin Firth’s flight back to London from the Oscars, his stiff upper lip British reserve kept him from Gosling-ing that shit.

According to E!, two passengers attacked each other over an alleged stolen item and the skirmish “raged out of control” for the duration of the flight. The crew tried to contain the fight. The captain asked armed police to meet the plane at touchdown. And what did Colin Firth do? 

Firth “was more concerned at the well-being of his wife and kids,” says a source, which we’re quite certain means he clung to his tea and biscuits while punches were being thrown. 

Tsk, tsk, Colin Firth. If it ever happens again, take a page from The Gos — and get it on film. [E! Online]

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