Wendy Williams Says Viola Davis’s Natural Hair Made Her Look Like A Man

Move your nasty self over, Kelly Osbourne: there’s a new girl-on-girl hater in town. Talk show host Wendy Williams had some crap to say about Viola Davis’s decision to go natural at the Oscars  and it was not nice. According to the blog Madame Noire, Wendy Williams said no one wanted to see a “‘Room 222′ look on the red carpet.” I didn’t know what that obscure reference meant, but Madame Noire explained that “Room 222″ was a TV show from the ’60s and ’70s about a black man with a short Afro who taught a history class. In other words, Wendy Williams was implying no one wanted to see Viola Davis with her short, natural hair because it made her look mannish

I’m a white chick, obviously, so I don’t really  feel like it’s my place to step into the Weaves vs. Natural Hair fray — other than to say I think it’s shitty that society can make women color feel like they’re natural hair isn’t attractive. (I highly recommend Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” if you wanna learn more about this.) I don’t personally care how Viola Davis, or any other black woman, wears her hair and I don’t know why Wendy Williams does either. Writes the blog Womanist Musings, “… [T]hat Davis felt confidant enough to be herself on her big night (despite how I feel about ‘The Help’) sends a strong message about how comfortable she is in her own skin.” What a shame that Viola Davis’s self-confidence got trashed on a day that was supposed to be celebrating her considerable talents.  

Seriously, Wendy Williams: NOT COOL.

[Womanist Musings via Madame Noire]

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