It’s Leap Day, You Get A Pass!

Julie Gerstein | February 29, 2012 - 2:00 pm

Today is February 29. It happens only every four years, which means you get a pass to do something really weird, out of character or totally irresponsible today. So go ahead and live it up! Today doesn’t count! And in case you’re not sure what to do with your newfound freedom, we’ve got some ideas for you, after the jump.

  • Get back in touch with your ex.
  • Max out your credit card buying a boat (even though you live in a totally landlocked state).
  • Buy the entire bar a around of shots.
  • Watch all the seasons of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” in one day.
  • Eat an entire box of Mallomars.
  • Dress in drag.
  • Have a one night stand.
  • Do some insider trading.
  • Skip the last half of the workday and grab a cocktail.
  • Fart in an elevator.
  • Listen to Abba.
  • Forgive someone you hate knowing you will hate them again tomorrow.
  • Tell your crush you like him without impunity.
  • Paint your nails puke green.
  • Stick your tongue out at other pedestrians.
  • Shake your butt at passing motorists.
  • Have sex outside.
  • Liberally employ jazz hands.
  • Pet all the dogs you meet.  [I was doing this anyway — Julie