The Top 10 WTF Moments At The 2012 Academy Awards

So, the Oscars last night were kinda weird, right? Billy Crystal’s hosting definitely wasn’t as cringe-worthy as Anne Hathaway and James Franco last year, but the whole show seemed a little off. There was an awkward vibe throughout the ceremony, and a few moments that were straight-up confusing. Here’s a list of the top 10 most “WTF?!” moments at the ceremony this year.

1. Adam Sandler Making Profound Statements About The Magic Of Film: Adam Sandler was featured prominently in the montages of Hollywood A-Listers talking about the magic of movies, which would maybe fine if “Jack and Jill” didn’t exist.

2. Cirque Du Soleil: I took a quick bathroom break and when I came back everyone on stage was standing on their head doing the splits and I was like, “Whoa, did my toilet transport me back to 1992, when Cirque Du Soleil was relevant?”

3. Jennifer Lopez’s (Maybe) Nip Slip: There’s some drama in the office over this one. Jessica insists she saw a glimpse of nipple while J.Lo presented an award with Cameron Diaz. Julie thinks it was a shadow. The consensus seems to be that it was an areola slip, which is substantially less exciting.

4. Angelina’s Leg Thrusting: Remember the “bend and snap” from “Legally Blonde”? Angelina’s version would be best described as the “strut and thrust.” Damn, girl.

5. Sacha Baron Cohen Dumps Kim Jong Il’s Ashes On Ryan Seacrest: Overall this was a pretty lame stunt, but Ryan Seacrest’s genuinely grumpy reaction took it to the next level. Awkward city. Watch the video here.

6. The (Literal) Song And Dance About Jonah Hill’s Weight Loss: Billy Crystal’s intro song included a string of references to the size of Jonah Hill’s stomach, and judging by the reaction shots Jonah Hill was not particularly amused.

7. Billy Crystal’s Joke About Driving 45 Minutes To Hug A Black Woman After Seeing “The Help” And The Whole Audience Trying To Decide Whether Or Not To Laugh. Yeah, that was a weird moment.

8. The Constant References To “Oscar’s 84th Birthday”: The script made multiple references to “Oscar’s 84th birthday” and what a special year it is. Umm, isn’t it Oscar’s birthday every year? And since when is “84” a particularly noteworthy number?

9. Sandra Bullock’s Random Weeping: It seemed like every time the camera cut to Sandra she was crying about something. We weren’t really sure what.

10. All The Sad Talk About Movies: The tone of the actor interviews and the old movie montages were so sad they made the “In Memoriam” segment seem like a rollicking good time. Everyone was talking about movies like the artform was being discontinued tomorrow, and they invited Adam Sandler to talk about it, which was actually depressing.