This Week’s Fashion By the Numbers

Armpit shaving habits, British mascara, and bad hair days, oh my! Here are the top 10 style stats of the week…

41: Percentage of Frisky readers who shave their armpits every other day, the most common armpit-shaving frequency, according to our poll.

2: Percentage of Frisky readers who never shave their armpits. 

5.6: Weight, in ounces, of Nike’s new knitted running shoe.

30: Number of Oscar dresses on our epic list of Best Oscar Dresses Of All Time.

4: Estimated number of hours Amelia spent in an Oscar dress k-hole while researching that post.

100: Percentage chance that you will wake up with great hair on the day you have a hair appointment scheduled.

7: Percentage chance that you will have a good hair day on the day you run into your ex. (Check out this chart for more bad hair day stats.)

5: Number of must-have hair accessories in our “Growing-It-Out Survival Guide,” aka everything you need to not go insane when growing out a pixie cut!

20: Percentage of models in New York Fashion Week shows who were non-white. That number might seem small, but it actually represents the most diversity seen on the runway since 1998.

41: Percentage increase in sales of blond hair dye in the UK after Rihanna and Adele both rocked sunny yellow locks at the Grammys.

12: Number of years Eyeko, which happens to be Adele’s favorite makeup brand, has spent perfecting their mascara formula. On Wednesday Eyeko finally became available for sale in the US, at all Sephora stores. Score!