Mayoral Candidate Gerardo Hernandez Gives A Great Excuse For Getting Caught With A Stripper

When New Mexico mayoral candidate Gerardo Hernandez found himself caught on tape getting a lap dance from a stripper in his private office, naturally, his first thought was that he had been set up. But then he second guessed himself, thinking, You’re not that important, who would set you up? Well, apparently, he is that important to his opponent, Daniel Salinas, who Hernandez is blaming the incident on. Hernandez claims that Salinas was somehow behind the lap dance, which started when a Mexican national who was working on Hernandez’s campaign allegedly turned on some music during a meeting and told Hernandez that his lady friend “liked to dance.” Then, a stranger approached him and threatened to leak the video of this lap dance if Hernandez didn’t drop out of the race.

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this setup theory. It sounds totally, totally plausible. I mean, who hasn’t had a lady come into this office who likes to dance? Sometimes these things just happen to the best of us. And they are beyond our control. Sometimes you can’t stop a lady who likes to dance from taking her clothes off in your office no matter how much you’d like to.

But seriously, Hernandez gets an “A” for creativity. In the world of political sex scandal excuses, the more implausible, the better. [Huffington Post]