Just Knit It: Nike Debuts Seamlessly Knitted Running Shoe

Knitting used to be the realm of grannies in rocking chairs, then it was adopted by hip young people looking for a creative outlet, and now it’s about to make an appearance on the feet of world-class athletes looking for a faster marathon time. Nike engineers employed a variety of complex knitting stitches to construct the upper part of a shoe in one seamless piece that is then attached to a super lightweight sole. The result? The Flyknit–a high performance sneaker that weighs a mere 5.6 ounces and hugs the foot so naturally that no socks are needed. The Flyknit design process took four years, but that dedication is already paying off: according to Nike, the Flyknit Racer will be worn by all the top athletes for this spring’s marathon season and the London Olympics later this year. A version for nonprofessional runners, the Flyknit Trainer+, will hit stores in July. [Knitting Industry News]