Crowd At GOP Debate Boos Question About Birth Control

Did y’all catch last night’s Republican debate? If not, allow me to present my favorite moment, and by favorite, I mean most facepalm-inducing. The moderator read aloud a viewer’s question asking the candidates if they “believe” in birth control and why or why not. First of all, it is absolutely stunning to me that we are even talking about believing in birth control in this day and age. But then the crowd boos!? Do their boos mean that they don’t “believe” in birth control? Who are these people? Are they virgins? The entire Duggar family? I may be very liberal myself, but I know conservatives, have friends who have voted Republican, and I cannot think of a single one, young or old, who does not believe in birth control. It’s not Santa Claus! What decade are we living in?