And The Prize Goes To … The Best Opposites Attract Stories!

A few weeks ago, in honor of the Blu-Ray/DVD release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” we asked you to tell us about a time in your life in which opposites attracted. The three commenters with the most interesting and entertaining stories would win one of three “Breaking Dawn”-related prizes, including an autographed poster for the first place winner. Read our three winning entries after the jump!

First Place Winner (Blu-Ray disc, CD soundtrack, 1 mini poster):

My husband and I are opposite in the way that I can hear and he can not. When we met through mutual friends I didn’t give him a second thought. However, when I got an email from him asking me out I decided to go out with him so I wasn’t the rude chick being mean to the deaf guy. Five minutes into our first date I realized he was someone special and my life has not been the same since. – Lauren Knott

Second Place Winner (DVD and  CD soundtrack):

The love of my life ended up being the most different girl from my personality, at the time, and for that sole reason, I grew to love her for it. It started about two years ago, and I had just landed a successful job, moved to a great city, and was basically fast tracking my career beyond what I thought would happen for me fresh out of school in the midst of the developing recession.

I met my girlfriend in my new city, and even though we had gone to college together, and ran in the same group of friends, grew very close to one another quite quickly. Now you must envision that I am a young upstart in a big new town, and she is 3 years my senior. My career was of to a sprint, and as a result, I was quite the partier, loving every minute of spending my new found surplus of cash. She was not. She was a teacher, who came from a down to earth, but successful family, and was quite low key. I had never before enjoyed spending time in on weekends, but quickly fell in love with how grounded she made me. She calmed me down, and as a result my work life improved, my family life improved, and I was happier and didn’t need the outlet of being out and about 24/7.

We have since been going strong, and are madly in love with one another. These opposite qualities have made me realize that I found the perfect person to compliment my outgoing style for the rest of my life, and one who I think portrays the perfect foil as we grow older together, and hopefully have a family. I wish I had the guts to tell her some of these things every day we are together. – Beargrylls

Third Place Winner (DVD):

My husband and I are complete opposites right down to our preferences in movies.

We met while working for the same company. I’m all over the map with music but my main choice is country and he’s a rocker through and through, Metallica being his favorite. I prefer a quiet night at home relaxing after work, he prefers to be out and about movies, dinners whatever suits him at the time. I’m a reader of books, his only reading material would be playboy. While I enjoy things like horror movies and the like, he’s more of a cartoon follower in movies. Oh and don’t get me started on his need to constantly keep talking! Quiet time? Non-existant! Needless to say we ended up dating, my conservative side balanced out his flamboyant don’t worry about tomorrow attitude.

Hmmm how did it work out? Well we did end up getting married and honestly there are more arguments than discussions regarding finances, how our son is raised, when too loud is bothersome. Yeah you name it, we can and probably will find a way to disagree on it. At first it was a “let’s just agree to disagree” type mentality. But, when the big things in life cropped up, that couldn’t be done. Saving money is a must when you have a child and it’s a must to agree on how to raise a child. You can’t spend all your time arguing over spanking vs time-outs or which school is going to provide your child with the best opportunities.

Yep we are complete and total opposites living in different states now. I stayed in Arizona and he moved back to California. Truth hurts and the truth is if you are complete opposites and don’t figure a way to compromise you won’t survive the relationship. We’re proof positive of that fact. We attempted the give and take of compromise and it just didn’t work out. While one of us would stick to the compromise *cough* the other would find ways to still get what he wanted. We are friends still, we work on communication for our son and how to provide him with the best of both worlds. But, living together is not an option for either of us. – Heather Bowler

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