Ouch: Woman Eats Nothing But Pizza For 31 Years

It’s not that Claire Simmons doesn’t want to eat any other food, it’s that she physically can’t eat anything other than pizza. The 33-year-old British woman has what’s called Selective Eating Disorder, which means that she hasn’t been able to eat anything other than plain cheese pizza in 31 years. A rare subset of eating disorders, Claire’s selective eating disorder causes her to balk at any other food–making it virtually impossible for her to choke down anything other than tomato pie three times a day.

The strange diet could eventually kill her, say doctors, who warn that a lack of vitamins and minerals could lead to a stroke or heart attack. But don’t even think of giving Claire an apple. “I’m actually scared of fruit and veg,” she said. “I get so angry when people think I’m being faddy — this is a real medical condition.”

And related but unrelated: a collective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is trying to start the world’s first pizza-themed museum. Pizza Brain’s pizza museum will cover the history and art of the pizza pie. [The Sun]