Lana Del Rey Debuts Mulberry Bag And Beauty Secrets At LFW

Lana Del Rey is making big, big strides, if not in the music stratosphere then in the fashion world. Mulberry’s Autumn 2012 collection strode down the runway in London yesterday, and viewers caught the first glimpse of Lana’s new eponymous bag. Yes, that’s right — the brand that coined the ever-lusted-after Alexa, as in Chung, is now offering the Del Rey, a ladylike tote reminiscent of a larger-scale take on Fendi’s illustrious Baguette. Though clad in jeans and a varsity jacket while seated in the front row, her new custom bag didn’t stray far from her lap.

“[Mulberry designer Emma Hill] knew that I really only wear white and gold on stage and I kind of like all things exotic,” Lana said of her very own Del Rey, in white ostrich skin with gold hardware. Opinions of the singer notwithstanding, her fashion presence is undeniable, but it’s not her clothes I lust after — it’s her stunning, doe-like makeup and tumble of Veronica Lake waves that have me covet-crazy. Lana divulged to Grazia Daily backstage that it takes her around an hour and a half to ready herself for an appearance, a process that includes setting her hair with a curling iron and applying tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and a curtain of heavy false lashes. She acknowledges her transformation from Lizzy to Lana by admitting, “It takes a minute to become myself.”

As for that perfect peachy nude lipstick she’s never seen without? It’s Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in #24 Blond Ingenu. The truest test of Lana’s sway will be how quickly the shade sells out now that she’s spilled her secret. [Grazia Daily]