Frisky Reader Revealed: Cese_ED

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments — heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind the avatars. So we decided to bring back our regular column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet Cese_ED, one of our most prolific commenters. 

Please state your name or avatar, age, and (general or specific) location for The Friskyverse.

Elise, 23 going on 43 and I’m a Canuck, more specifically from Ontario.

How did you find the site?

Honestly can’t remember. I think CNN, but not sure. Have been reading for years though.

What do you do all day, other than follow The Frisky, which is totally condoned?

Read all the blogs I try and follow on my Google Reader. Also, I work in a college residence building, managing RAs and coordinating discipline.

What is your fave post in recent Frisky history?

I love the “What Are We Wearing Today?” series. I also loved Julie’s post about her makeup bag, because I’m a snoop.

What are your pop culture guilty pleasures?

I have a girl crush on Ellen. She’s amazing. I also watch “Survivor” … still. And who doesn’t love Adele? 

Can you share your most embarrassing dating story? We always share ours. It’s only fair.

The first night I had my boyfriend over, we tried to have shower sex. I ended up wiping out, took the entire curtain down with me — my poor boyfriend was mortified!

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not?

Yes, because I believe in equal rights for everyone, not just ladyfolk and menfolk, but for our disabled, our aging, our young, our disenfranchised.

If The Frisky staff came over for dinner, what would you serve us?

What I’m cooking right now: chicken pot pie with biscuit topping and brownies with peanut butter and pretzels. Rockin’. 

What type of skivvies do you have on right now?

Blue bra and plain jane whites.

What is your secret talent?

I have a fantastic memory and can memorize an entire group’s set of names within minutes. I was also a spelling bee champion growing up. And I also always seem to find the raddest tunes, according to my friends.

What’s an amazing book or movie that other Frisky readers absolutely must get their hands on right now?

“Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”: the movie was soooo amazing. I cried the entire time … which is a good thing, trust me. For books, I just recently read and loved This Charming Man by Marian Keyes — it’s very eye opening. Also, there is an amazing Canadian author is Anne-Marie McDonald. Her books Fall On Your Knees and The Way The Crow Flies are my absolute favourite novels.

Which celeb would you most want to get in bed with? Which celeb would you most want to marry?

I wouldn’t say no to Zac Efron. The trailer for ‘The Lucky One” … wowza. I think Ben Affleck or Matt Damon both seem like very caring dads. Good dads are sexy, gotta say.

What’s something you hope to see more of on The Frisky?  

I’d love more regular recipe posts, but what I really desire would be a book club! Don’t know if that’s possible, but it’d be awesome. [Jessica’s Note: I’ve been wanting to do a Frisky book club forever! Can Frisky readers who think they might want to join in a book club let us know in the comments?] I’d also love to see a “What We’re Listening To” post, with a link to a playlist instead of just to an album. I’d love to be able to listen to new music while working.

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