Style 911: I Need Hair Accessories So I Can Grow Out My Hair!

I’m trying to grow my pixie cut out, which means I’m going to have awkward hair for a while. What kinds of hair accessories do you recommend to keep my locks in check? – Recovering Pixie

Ah yes, growing out a short haircut: the most challenging hair transition ever. Many people abandon their long hair goals as soon as they reach the mullet-y stage, but I have faith that you can go the distance! Here are a few hair accessories that will make the process much, much easier. Keep them in your arsenal, lean on them in times of trouble, and you’ll be rocking long locks in no time…

Headbands: A stretchy headband can smooth an awkward hairstyle into submission, and a pretty one can distract from bad hair days. Both will save your style and sanity during the growing-out process. [Bejeweled Headband, $55, Ban.Do]

Head Scarves: Same appeal as a headband, even more coverage, plus a retro Audrey-Hepburn-on-a-road trip vibe. [Silk Square Scarf, $25, LL Bean]

Miniature Bobby Pins: Bigger clips are too long or heavy to stay in short hair–these mini ones are indispensable. [Rubberized Mini Bobby Pins, $6 (for 12 pack), Amazon]

Cute Clips: You can be rocking a shaggy unwashed mullet, and the moment you put in a pretty flower clip? Voila! Chic and put-together. [Small Rosette Clips, $1.50 (set of 2), Forever 21]

Bold Earrings: Not exactly a hair accessory, but a great way to add some glamour to your daily look and take advantage of how awesome earrings look with short-ish hair. [Chandelier Earrings, $35, Neiman Marcus]