Study Shows Interracial Marriages Are On The Rise

Aside from our seven-year age gap, my sister and I are very similar for the most part. We look alike (so much so that I used her ID to party before I was even legal), have the same sense of humor and similar hobbies. Sometimes we even finish each others’ sentences like twins. There is only one huge difference between us — our dating preferences. I date just about anyone who I find attractive and interesting. My sister refuses to date outside of her race. But according to some new research, it may be time for her to loosen up, as interracial marriages are on the rise. 

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, the number of interracial marriages is up 3.2 percent since 1980. The research found that 8.4 percent of all marriages today are between interracial couples. Daniel Lichter, a professor at Cornell University, believes this increase may be an indication that race relations “have improved over the past quarter century.” This isn’t hard for me to believe. Dating guys who weren’t of my race definitely made me more open-minded, cultured and accepting. I’ve tried Borscht, learned the lyrics to wayyyy too many reggaeton songs and even got the opportunity to wear a beautiful sari because of the great guys I’ve dated from different backgrounds.

Now, I understand that some of us have preferences and I respect that. But I must admit it makes me proud to read that our country is moving beyond imaginary racial divisions, especially in the most personal aspect of our life: love .

So, sis, and all of you daters out there with racial preferences, I know you like what you like, but sometimes you don’t really know what you need until you try something different. [Clutch Magazine]