Fox News Lady Who Claimed Women Should “Expect” Rape In Military Blames Feminists, New York Times

Fox News contributer Liz Trotta would like to clear up a few things. First of all, when she spoke on the Pentagon’s decision to officially open up more combat positions to women and said women in the military should “expect” to be raped by their male comrades, she “certainly did not” mean all military men. Just most of them! Okay, okay, just some of them. Well, that part isn’t clear either. The point is, men have testosterone, “testosterone rules,” ipso facto, testosterone makes men rape-y. Whatcha gonna do?

But anyway, this discussion is all besides the point. The real focus of our ire here should not be on Liz Trotta, Liz Trotta says. It should be on feminists and The New York Times

Oh, if only I were making this up.

Reading from a prepared statement/teleprompter, yesterday on Fox News, Liz Trotta addressed the giant WTF bomb that exploded after her appearance last week, but focuses mostly on the issue of women in combat, not her offensive comments about military men:

“[How men respond to women in battle] is a subject that has never gotten a fair and open hearing either in the national media or in Congress. Starting in 1991 with Rep. Patricia Schroeder, a Democrat from Colorado, the hardline feminists have seen to it that this subject is a fait accompli, a matter already settled, one that must not be aired before the American people. The leftist thinking seems to be that if a subject isn’t discussed, then it obviously isn’t there. There main objective is to force the Pentagon to lift the ban on women in combat. Accordingly, the political correctness infecting the Pentagon has resulted in silly and dishonest fairy tales about female heroism. Has anyone forgotten the Jessica Lynch story? … by all accounts, including her own, not mistreated. Yet the Pentagon saw fit to send in the SEALs to rescue her from a hospital in a videotaped operation that seemed headed straight to Hollywood. [emphasis mine] There are countless other stories of fake heroism or exaggerated prowess in which women are the stars, many of them tailored for the New York Times and its agenda to promote militant feminism, no matter what the truth. The military is not a social services operation, or a testing ground for gender wars. It is a fighting machine. Women are not as strong as men. Their instincts and reactions in crises are markedly different. There’s a reality the left will not face: biology is destiny.” 

Now, if you’re waiting for the part where Trotta gets to the point and apologizes for implying men in the military will rape their female comrades, it doesn’t happen.

Instead, she admits she didn’t express herself “well enough,” but was ultimately “misunderstood” — and then she uses data about sexual assaults at the nation’s military academies and the increase in sexual abuse in the military to defend the status quo, not, say, argue that all sexual violence from troops is unacceptable. Is she not aware that data about sexual violence in the military is collected to eradicate it, not to have it used against victims (even inadvertently)?

It’s a non-apology apology on which all others should be based. It should be taught in classes!  Whatever specific point she might have about nuanced subjects being open to debate gets steamrolled over by her total lack of nuance. This woman is truly a nasty piece of work. Instead of her own hurtful and offensive comments, she paints everyone but herself with a broad brush of blame in this screed —making it clear that Liz Trotta herself is not apologizing for dick. [YouTube]

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