Evening Quickies: Hot Monaco Royal Suffers A Princely Beatdown In Bar Brawl

  • Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco — aka Grace Kelly’s grandson — got pummeled in a bar fight at a New York City club this weekend.  Pierre, 24, and richy-rich friends like Stavros Niarchos (Paris Hilton’s ex) were partying at a club called Double Seven and were apparently “being completely obnoxious” to a nightlife impresario and his pals. Fists started flying and now the prince’s face looks “broken, with deep cuts and blood everywhere.” Tsk, tsk. [New York Post]
  • Lady Gaga is guest starring on “The Simpsons” this spring in an episode where she learns the citizens of Springfield are running low on self-esteem. This does sound like a job for Gaga! [The FW]
  • Westboro Baptist Church — the ones that pickets outside gay soldiers’ funerals — tweeted a photoshopped pic that made it look like they were holding “God Hates Fags” signs outside of Whitney Houston’s funeral, which then got RTed by media outlets as if it were real. Whoopsies. [The Daily What]
  • Bethanny Frankel revealed this morning on “The Today Show” that she was recently pregnant for eight weeks before having a miscarriage. [People]
  • Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday already? Here’s a handy-dandy Mardi Gras drinking game for you then. [Modern Man]
  • Macarons are not the new cupcake — but they deserve your respect anyway. [Ecosalon]
  • Kim Kardashian has joined Instagram … [Celebuzz
  • … and Khloe has installed “sex den” in her mansion. And there’s video. [Bossip
  • Is Reese Witherspoon squandering her Oscar on crap like “This Means War”? (Probably.) [The Week]
  • On Whitney Houston and the media’s celebrity death watch. [The Fix]
  • Jenny Slate is working on a Marcel the Shell With Shoes On picture book. [Life & Style]
  • Twenty-five pickup lines to use on female “Doctor Who” fans. [GuySpeed]
  • This is the best YouTube video of somebody’s 90-year-old granny dancing to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” you’ll see all day. [Evil Beet Gossip]
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