Woman With The World’s Largest Breasts Gets Her Inevitable “My Strange Addiction” Episode

We’ve long been fascinated by/concerned for Sheyla Hershey, record holder of the world’s largest boobs. The 32-year-old Brazilian model carries around size 38KKK mammaries. (Or tried to, anyway. It turns out that carrying a gallon of silicone in your ta-tas is dangerous, which Sheyla learned the hard way when she developed a staff staph infection and had to have them removed.) We knew that with circus boobs this size, it was not long before Sheyla appeared on reality television.

On Sunday night, Sheyla will make an appearance on “My Strange Addiction” and share surprising facts about life with 38KKK boobs — wouldn’t you know, men love to stare at her? When she dropped food onto her boobs, speared it with a fork and ate it, I knew it was best thing on television I’d seen all year.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much feminist analysis of her “anything for beauty” lifestyle (that’s an actual quote) or what cultural forces may compel a woman to undergo 22 surgeries on her breasts. But I don’t really think that’s what “My Strange Addiction” is about, anyway. [Buzzfeed]

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