What The Hell Is A “Babyccino”?

Too hip for apple juice? Try a babyccino — a coffee drink for babies. It’s what all the urban lumberjacks in man buns are putting in their offspring’s sippy cups. 

According to the Brooklyn Paper, coffee shops in hipster neighborhoods are frequently requested to make a child-sized small decaf cappuccino for $2. Another popular “babyccino” recipe is steamed milk and foam with cinnamon sprinkled on top. One barista in Brooklyn said she sells as many as 10 babyccinos a day.

As tempting as it may be, we don’t have hipsters alone to blame for this foolishness … we have to blame the Australians. One Australian coffee expert said babyccinos have been all the rage Down Under for a decade now and can be found in any cafe. (Aussie Frisky readers, feel free to weigh in.)

While babyccinno defenders say a shot of espresso contains less caffeine than soda — which are sold in many school vending machines — I’m nevertheless perturbed by the increasingly blurred lines between childhood and adulthood. (Like, say, parents who bring their young children to R-rated movies.) Alas, the rules of supply and demand get what they want. Many of us are already begrudgingly familiar with seeing babies and toddlers at bars. So, are virgin Baby-politans next? [Brooklyn Paper via NYmag.com]

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