This Week’s Fashion by the Numbers

It was a wild and crazy week in the fashion world. In addition to the runway shows taking over New York, everyone was talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and a few major fashion brands floundered financially. Meanwhile, we drank wine and plucked our eyebrows (as per usual). Here are the top 10 style stats that caught our eye this week…

30: Duration, in months, of the scientific expedition Tara Oceans, which will explore Atlantic Ocean ecosystems to gather data about climate change. How does this relate to fashion, you ask? The mission is being sponsored by French fashion house Agnes B.

99: Percentage of time that wine is involved in in our eyebrow plucking decision-making process.

9,999: Number of roses it took to make this dress.

19: Number of items our lovely style editor Julie has in her makeup bag. Check out the detailed roundup here. (Makeup bag voyeurism is the best!)

33-25-36: Measurements of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s newest covergirl, Kate Upton.

$70 Million: Estimated number of people who will read the SI Swimsuit Issue, although “read” might not be the right word.

95: Age of socialite Zelda Kaplan, who collapsed at a NYFW runway show and later passed away. Rest in peace, you fierce, fashionable lady!

14: Age of two of the models Marc Jacobs used for his runway show, despite a minimum model age of 16 suggested by the Council of Fashion Designers for America. Jacobs’ response: “I do the show the way I think it should be.” OK, then.

$6 Million: Amount, in dollars, that luxury womenswear designer Ralph Rucci owes to suppliers and lenders. He is reportedly meeting with lawyers to explore filing for bankruptcy.

$75 Million: Amount, in dollars, of a loan taken out by Talbots as it restructures and ponders new strategies.

$865 Million: Amount of money, in dollars, that the NYFW shows are expected to generate for the city of New York this year.