Iowa Abortion Bill Would Criminalize All Abortion, Sentence Doctors To Life In Prison

All abortions would be classified as feticides, a class A felony punishable by life imprisonment without chance for parole, under a new bill introduced on Wednesday by Iowa State Representative Kim Pearson, a Tea Party Republican. Pearson’s bill states:

Any person who intentionally terminates a human pregnancy, with the knowledge and consent of the pregnant person, where death of the fetus results, commits feticide. Feticide is a class A felony.

Under the bill, doctors who perform abortions could spend life in prison and doctors who attempt to perform an abortion (but don’t go through with it, for some unclear reason) would be charged with the class B felony of 25 years in prison. 

On the one hand, according to the blog Think Progress, Democrats in Iowa said the bill is a waste of time because it “would almost certainly” violate Roe v. Wade, the central principle being that a woman’s medical decisions are subject to privacy. But that’s hardly a reason to be reassured: other anti-abortion lawmakers in Iowa are currently debating a separate anti-abortion bill which would require a doctor to show a woman a sonogram before an abortion for absolutely no medical reason. So, it’s tempting to dismiss such an extreme bill from State Rep. Pearson’s as the work of a lone operator but woman-controlling bills by anti-abortion politicians are popping up like some twisted Whack-A-Mole game all across the United States.

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