Debate This: Would It Be Wrong To Buy My Dog An American Apparel Hoodie?

Frisky On Dov Charney
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Amelia: Eek! American Apparel has dog hoodies now!

Jessica: Amelia, no.

Amelia: What? Lucca gets cold sometimes during the winter and these are only $16!

Jessica: That’s not what I mean. Dov Charney [CEO of American Apparel] is gross and he shows 17-year-old girls his penis!

Amelia: Yes, but these hoodies are so cute and they come in so many colors! Lucca would look adorable in the red one.

Jessica: You can’t support them.

Amelia: Oh shut up. You’re telling me you don’t own any AA?

Jessica: I have one dress that I bought, like, seven years ago.

Amelia: Well, why haven’t you burned it?

Jessica: (rolls eyes) I won’t shop there now.

Amelia: Yes, but you will shop at Forever 21, which has abhorrent business practices as well.

Jessica: True…

Amelia: The point is, you have to pick your battles. Lucca being warm and looking rad has won this one. Ha-ha! (Clicks victoriously and buys red hoodie, size M.)

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