Today’s Lady News: Ban Proposed On Abortion After 20 Weeks In Washington, D.C.

  • Utah Sen. Mike Like, a Republican supported by the Tea Party, has proposed a ban on abortion after 20 weeks in the District of Columbia. This “fetal pain” bill is based on the anti-abortion argument, unproven by the medical establishment, that five months is the point at which a fetus can feel pain. (You can read more in-depth on “fetal pain” laws here.) Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska and Alabama have similar fetal pain bills in effect.  [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • I have instructed Amelia to drink some cold medicine and watch this unintentionally HILARIOUS video from the American Life League about the evils of Planned Parenthood, which include “penis balloons,” “vagina cupcakes,” and “vagina macarons.” Actual quote from this video: “Planned Parenthood’s gateway drug is masturbation.” Oh my word, the comedy is priceless! (Priceless and scary.) [The Stranger via Feministing]
  • Rep. Nancy Pelosi has called for the Democratic Party to include marriage equality in its 2012 platform. [Think Progress]
  • A lesbian couple from Alaska has become the first same-sex couple to get married atop the Empire State Building. Congratulations, Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur! [New York Post]
  • Today in No Shit, Sherlock news: a study has found that bullying lesbians and gays can lead them to commit suicide and accepting households minimize that risk. [Think Progress]


  • Kuwait’s new Cabinet has been announced and there are no women on it. The last Kuwaiti parliament had four women in it. [
  • Meet Bothaina Kamel, a woman running for the Eygptian presidency. [Los Angeles Times]
  • After the ouster of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi — who was not exactly known for respecting women — women in Italy are hoping for positive and progressive changes in the workplace. [Reuters]
  • Post-natal care in France includes vaginal exercises. [Slate]
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