6 Reasons I’m Giddy About Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Maybe Possibly Getting Back Together

When I saw photos of Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter holding hands and taking what seemed like a romantic stroll together, I actually squealed with glee. Like, out loud, alone, in my living room. I just love these two crazy kids together and was so bummed when they got a divorce. Now it seems reconciliation might be on the horizon (they watched the sunset on the beach, you guys), and I’m so excited. Here are six reasons why…

1. Remember a couple years ago at the Screen Actors Guild Awards when Michael C. Hall accepted the best actor award and said, “I want to thank my wife for wearing that dress”? How cute was that?! Answer: THE CUTEST.

2. I love them as fake brother/sister and real husband/wife. Fake brother/sister and real ex-husband/ex-wife is not quite fun.

3. Watching “Dexter” post-divorce was very stressful for me. Whenever they had a scene together I was distracted by thoughts of how awkward it would be to work so closely with your ex.

4. Their relationship always seemed so caring and genuine, and the fact that they faced Michael’s cancer diagnosis and treatment together–and so early in their relationship–was really inspiring.

5. Michael C. Hall has a thick beard now, which, when paired with Jennifer’s rad tomboy style, makes them the perfect hipster couple.

6. The kinda incest-y storyline they were hinting at on “Dexter” would be not be nearly as weird if I knew they were in love in real life