The Joys And Sorrows Of Dying My Hair Platinum Blonde

At various points in our lives, we all have to reckon with who we are and what we really want. For some of us, this lesson comes in the form of a dream job that we wind up hating. For others, it’s a relationship that looks good on paper but doesn’t have the spark we want.

For me, it was in the form of bleach that once made its acquaintance with the hair on my head.

Let me give you a little background. My hair has always been on the blonde side, either by nature or nurture. When I was a kid, it was the color of beach-y, grainy sand. Around middle school, when my locks threatened to veer into the light brown end of the rainbow, I started using a product called Sun-In to lighten them. For all intents and purposes, Sun-In is hydrogen peroxide and water, but what do you want? I was 12. Read more…

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