Breaking News: People Lie In Their Online Dating Profiles

I know you will all be shocked to read this, but some people lie in their online dating profiles. Yes, it’s true. It turns out that when people who are lovelorn and insecure try to impress complete strangers into one measly little $13 cocktail to ascertain if they would mutually like to bump uglies, their noses start growing longer than Pinocchio. Basically, everyone is just a liiiittle bit heavier than they claim to be in real life.

According to a study from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin, which analyzed 78 online dating profiles and the people writing them in real life, daters are most likely to lie about their height, weight and age. Half had lied about their height, while one in five had lied about their age. Everyone lied about their weight. That cute girl you’ve been messaging “what up gurl?” is probably 8.5 lbs heavier than she claims to be and dude, you’re pretending to be 1.5 lbs lighter than your actual size. (Aw, come on. It just means there’s more to love!)

The Frisky can confess to telling a few stupid lies in our day. But, uh, none of them online.

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