5 Tips For Major Eyelashes A La Adele

In case anyone wasn’t already convinced of Adele’s awesomeness, her presence at the Grammy Awards totally confirmed it: she owned the red carpet, sang beautifully, and won every award she was nominated for. In addition to all of her incredible accomplishments, her makeup was flawless, and her dramatic eyelashes were especially stunning. While Adele’s look definitely included fake eyelashes, here are a few techniques to make your natural lashes look as thick and lush as possible…

1. Get A Good Curl: Get a good quality eyelash curler that works well with your eye shape (Shu Uemura is always a good bet). Hold the curler in place for about 10 seconds, once at the roots, and then once or twice more toward the middle and ends of your lashes to get a nice curved shape. For an extra dramatic curl that lasts, try heating up your eyelash curler with a hairdryer for a few seconds (just test the temperature on your hand first to make sure it’s not too hot).

2. Focus On The Roots: When applying mascara, really focus on the roots of your lashes–that’s where you want your lashes to appear darkest and thickest. Work your mascara brush deep into your roots and wiggle it around a bit for good coverage. Don’t worry about getting mascara on your eyelids, you can wipe it off later–your mission is to saturate those roots!

3. Layer: This might sound a little crazy, but if you’re really dedicated to major lashes, use two different kinds of mascara: a lengthening formula and a volumizing formula. Apply the lengthening mascara first, followed by the volumizing formula. Whether or not you use two different kinds of mascara, don’t let one coat fully dry before applying another coat–that’s a recipe for clump city. Apply one coat, wait a couple seconds, then add the next one.

4. Go For Full Coverage: Make sure you’re really coating your lashes by twisting and turning that mascara brush every which way. Wiggle it through your lashes from root to tips and twist it to fully coat the ends. Turn it vertically to dab color onto the bottom lashes. Close your eyes and run the brush over the top of your lashes for added definition.

5. Augment With Eyeliner: Using eyeliner strategically can make your lashes look even thicker. Trace your lashline in black or dark brown and thicken the line at the outer edge your eye. This creates a dark backdrop and visually thickens the roots of your lashes.

Do you have any favorite eyelash-enhancing tricks to share? Do you swear by a certain brand of mascara or eyelash curler?