3 Reasons Why This Infographic Marriage Proposal Bugged Me

Drake, who works for All Things Digital, proposed to Stacy, who works at Mashable, via this infographic. Cute, right? I admire his creativity and it’s clear he loves his new fiancee very much. But amidst the many “OMG, so cuuuuuute!” cries this infographic is getting across the interwebs today, there’s a nagging annoyance in my gut. Not to be wet blanket, but this infographic was meant for public consumption and, well, I’m irked by it. Allow me to explain.

1. The math is bad. Or the infographic is bad at conveying the equation he used to reach his conclusion that he could have met 1,340,000 women in his life so far. I was already really pretty good at math and also I have a calculator and I tried following his various steps multiple times and just never arrived at that number. It’s frustrating! Maybe it’s the cold meds I’m on.

2. Isn’t this just a fancy version of a pros and cons list? Rather than convincing Stacy to marry Drake, this infographic seems designed to convince Drake to marry Stacy. Rather than highlighting what he appreciates about her, it seems like he’s trying to convince himself that she’s special enough for him, that he’s statistically eliminated the possibility of finding someone better. How … romantic? But, actually, given the vague terms in which he has described Stacy’s attributes, there are plenty of people like her out there. Two percent are as gorgeous, inside and out! Three percent could keep him laughing! I think these stats sound low, but technically, they’re not. Two percent of 1,340,000 available (to Drake) women is 26,800! 

2. What’s with all the “perfect” talk? I’m sure Stacy is really awesome. This is not a criticism of Stacy! But without knowing Stacy, having never met Stacy, I know Stacy is not perfect! She can’t be! And while these two may very well be great for each other, placing Stacy, herself, on a pedestal as perfect means she has a lot to live up to. And so does their perfect relationship! Again, I’m sure Stacy is actually much more awesome than the word “perfect” could convey. I just don’t think this infographic proposal nails that. And I wish it did, because then I would be swooning too.