Today’s Lady News: Gay Marriage In Washington Signed Into Law

  • Washington state’s Governor Chris Gregoire signed a law that legalizes same-sex marriage, which will take effect on June 7. Unfortunately, opponents are already gathering signatures hoping to get the law voted on at the ballot box by citizens instead. []
  • Meanwhile, New Jersey’s state Senate approved a bill today legalizing gay marriage. The bill is expected to pass the NJ Assembly later this weekend. Then it will head to the desk of Republican Governor Chris Christie, who has vowed to veto it. [, The Atlantic Monthly]
  • A feminist take on the media response to Whitney Houston’s death. [Feminist Philosophers]
  • Target has pulled a “stalker” Valentine’s Day card that read, “Stalker is a harsh word … I prefer Valentine.” [Care2]
  • Liz Trotta, a Fox News contributer, says women in the military should “expect” rape to be a problem because “these people are in close contact.” Um, that’s a rather offensive thing to say. [Media Matters]
  • American women have started U.S. Boxing Olympic Trials, the competition to quality for the 2012 London Olympic Games. It will be the first time women have competed in boxing. [Yahoo]
  • A former sex slave explains how she was trafficked into slavery in New York City. [Gothamist
  •  Ten suitable responses to the phrase “man up,” in slam poetry form. [Good Men Project]
  • An alleged rape victim has been arrested in Ireland for her refusal to testify. The Eastern European woman, who claimed she was gang raped, was told by a judge to stand in front of three accused men and point out her assailants. The woman refused and failed to appear in court the next day; she was arrested and spent a day in jail. The three alleged assailants have been acquitted of rape, false imprisonment and assault. [Guardian UK]
  • Three female TV presenters on the successful show “Rip Off Britain” are drawing attention to the fact they’re paid considerably less than the male hosts of a separate BBC show, “Match of the Day,” which draws fewer viewers. [Express UK]
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