Tavi Defends Lana Del Ray

“I don’t understand why it’s so horrible to create an image of yourself, because that’s what pop music is. Even the celebrities who seem to be really real and down to earth still separate themselves from their image, so I don’t get it. I feel like people think she’s threatening because she’s all these things that women aren’t allowed to be, so people are trying to find the quality that isn’t genuine, and want to take away credit that she, you know, made herself.”

– An incredibly wise beyond her years Tavi Gevinson defends Lana Del Rey in an off-the-cuff interview with NYMag.com. Of Lana’s much criticized performance on “Saturday Night Live,” Tavi admitted it “wasn’t good,” but it also was “proof to people who think she has a whole team behind her that she wasn’t that trained.” Whatever you think of Del Rey’s music, Tavi is exactly right — first, Lana was trashed for having a too-perfectly crafted image, then she was trashed for not living up to that image in her first major television appearance. Which is it? [NYMag.com]