Smell Like “Private Jets, Superyachts, Diamonds And Roulette” With Kate Walsh’s Billionaire Boyfriend

Want to smell like Dom Pérignon and diamond grills? Well, I have the perfect fragrance for you —Kate Walsh‘s Billionaire Boyfriend.

Billionaire Boyfriend was released on Friday is the second in Walsh’s Boyfriend perfume line. The line is almost a take-down of the whole celebrity fragrance trend, except that you can actually buy the fragrances at both Sephora and on the Home Shopping Network. Apparently, Walsh plans to add a new fragrance to the line every Valentine’s Day.

The original Boyfriend fragrance was released last year and, as Walsh now explains, was inspired by a split with a significant other.

“My boyfriend and I broke up and it was, ‘Oh, I miss him. I miss that scent.’ You couldn’t find that,” Walsh explains to USA Today.

As promotional materials for the line’s original fragrance read, “She inhales his shirt, taking in the scent of the man she loves. It lingers on her clothes, her sheets, her hair — all over. Imprinted on her body and in her mind, it radiates within her, filling her with feelings of warmth and desire. Actress Kate Walsh wanted to capture the scent of a guy on a girl: a man’s cologne mixed with perfume, the smell that lingers on the skin. This fragrance evokes memories of that time after he has left for the day — when she gently awakes in a bed that’s still warmly redolent of ‘boyfriend.’”

Walsh says that new addition Billionaire Boyfriend smells of black jasmine and golden amber.

“The idea was always luxe,” Walsh tells People. “It’s kind of a throwback to times when things were just sexy and romantic, and that fantasy of James Bond movies, Monte Carlo, driving down the coast in a sports car … la dolce vita.”

I have to say that the promo video above starring the “Private Practice” star feels far more “Big Pimpin’” than that. Sephora’s ads sound more on target, saying that the fragrance evokes “private jets, superyachts, diamonds and roulette.”

HSN sold out on Day 1 of Boyfriend’s initial launch. Now Walsh tells USA Today that she’s thrilled her fragrance line has continued to sell well.

“That is hugely gratifying to me,” she says, furthering that having the fragrance line helps keep her happy playing Dr. Addison Shepherd seven years later.

“Your mind starts to wander,” she explains. “There’s a reason actors start to produce other things. To keep yourself interested in one project, you have to branch out.”

Billionaire Boyfriend costs $45 for a half ounce Eau de Parfum or $75 for a 1.7 ounce bottle.

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